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Cocchi Barolo Chinato, Piemonte, Italy (500ml)   

First off, what is Chinato? I was hesitant to put it on this list, but it’s a sort of gray area between vermouth & amaro. Chinato is an aromatized wine almost exclusively from Piedmont, Italy.

Unlike vermouth makers, chinato producers use high quality wine as their base. Born in the last century, it soon spread thanks to its taste, well balanced between bitter and sweet, and especially for the leading effect on the market of its name “Barolo”. Barolo Chinato is a special wine produced with Barolo DOCG, aromatized with cinchona calisaya bark, rhubarb and gentian root and the precious cardamom seed whose active principles are extracted with a slow maceration at room temperature. Characterized by balance and harmony in the perfume with an immediate pleasant taste and a pleasant aromatic persistence. Drink at 60-65 degrees and enjoy some rich chocolates. ~ Chis Rivera, GM & Spirits Buyer