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Chiyonosono Sacred Power Junmai Ginjo Sake, Japan (720ml)   

This cloudy “nigori” sake will transport you to Osaka and the Daimon brewery where they have been crafting fresh, lively sake for six generations. This is a creamy & mild sake with notes of banana, citrus and floral. A delicious pairing with fried foods. Try with coconut shrimp, crab cakes or Pad Thai.


SAKE TERMINOLOGY (with thanks to Jon Gauntner's Sake Dictionary)

Junmai - only rice, water and koji used in production. No added alcohol allowed, and polishing ratio of the rice (seimai-buai) must be listed on the label.

Tokubetsu - A class of sake requiring a rice polishing ratio of no more than 60%. As a general rule, the more the outer layers of the rice kernel are milled away, the more refined and elegant the style of sake.

Nigori - Often cloudy, a style of sake that is either unfiltered entirely or with a lighter filtration, thus allowing some of the rice lees into the bottle.