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Hombo Mars Komagatake Limited Edition 2020 Single Malt Japanese Whisky, Nagano, Japan (750ml)   

Hombo Shuzo, the company behind Mars Distillery, produces many kinds of alcoholic beverages at various places in Japan. On October 1, Mars Whisky released the Single Malt Komagatake Limited Edition 2018. Suntory may have failed to release the Yamazaki Limited Edition 2018, so here's Mars Whisky to wear those pants instead. Limited to 10,000 bottles, it's at 48% abv. Single Malt Komagatake Limited Edition 2018 is a blend of "nicely aged" whiskies that have spent at least 3 years in either a Bourbon cask or an American White Oak cask. Notes of toasted banana, pear, and apricot on the nose. Medium peat. Thick & viscous on the tongue, it heats up towards the end with some nice vanilla cookies. A very refined peaty, finish with light pepermint.