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Kamiki 'Sakura Wood' Japanese Whisky, Japan, (750ml)   

Producer notes ~ "Kamiki, meaning God’s Breath in Japanese, was born at the Omiwa Shrine at the foot of Mount Niwa in Japan. Here, alcohol created by the local spirit producers is served as a blessing. Kamiki was created to further this tradition by taking a range of some of the finest whiskies from Japan and blending them with the best whiskies from overseas before maturing in a range of peculiar wood types. The results are smooth, intricate and intriguing expressions that differ from the norm and deliver a truly unique tasting experience. This new expression was finished in Japanese Cedar wood, just like the two before it, before being transferred to casks made from the famous Sakura tree for further finishing.  The Sakura tree is hugely famous in Japan. It symbolises the beginning of Spring and is intrinsically connected to “mono no aware”, a Japanese term for the awareness of impermanence, or in other words – mortality."