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Laws Whiskey House 'San Luis Valley' Straight Rye Whiskey, Denver, Colorado (750ml)   

Producer Notes ~ "7,400 feet above sea level, in Colorado’s San Luis Valley, the Cody family has been cultivating this low yield, semi-wild rye grain since the 1930s. We fell in love with how it ferments and distills into a terroir-driven, unapologetic whiskey. Every whiskey we create is an heirloom grain, terroir-driven flavor experience for our fellow whiskey hunters. AROMAS: Floral and perfumed on the nose with notes of baking spice and orange oil. FLAVORS: Black tea, sweet mint, salted toffee, orange peel and stewed fig. Finishing with a radiant green peppercorn spice. MASH BILL: 100% heirloom rye. AGING: 4+ years in new 53 gallon charred oak barrels. ALC/VOL: 47.5%.


We always have and always will distill every drop we bottle. While it aged, we didn’t sell any whiskey for our first three years. Time is as critical ingredient as our heirloom grains. Every mash bill gets its own optimal distillation process, and we deploy time-intensive sour mash fermentation. We are the first Colorado distiller to bottle bonded whiskeys. For us, these steps are not extra, they’re mandatory to creating Laws Whiskey."