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Maboroshi 'Nakao's Secret' Junmaiginjo Sake, Japan (300ml)   

Although this sake is not made using the same apple yeast as the daiginjos in the Maboroshi line, this junmai ginjo still shows green apple fruit. It also reflects the Hiroshima style, which is described as “kirei,” a Japanese word meaning both “clean” and “pretty.” Overall a light and delicate junmai ginjo; lower in aroma and fruit than many ginjos. Representative of the Hiroshima region which is known for soft water and crisp flavors. Serve chilled with tuna steak, yakitori, and tempura.


SAKE TERMINOLOGY (with thanks to Jon Gauntner's Sake Dictionary)

Junmai Ginjo - Rice, water and koji only, with rice milled to no more than 60%, resulting in sake’s that are fresh and fragrant in style.