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Fukucho Moon On The Water Junmai Ginjo (720ml)   

Cloudy white marble color. Bright circus peanut, poached pear, and honey ice cream aromas follow through on a soft, supple entry to a fruity medium-to-full body with balanced sweet creamy custard, Asian pear sorbet, and water chestnut notes. Finishes with a long, honey toasted nut, mineral, and crystalized ginger fade.


SAKE TERMINOLOGY (with thanks to Jon Gauntner's Sake Dictionary)

Nigori - Often cloudy, a style of sake that is either unfiltered entirely or with a lighter filtration, thus allowing some of the rice lees into the bottle.

Junmai Ginjo - Rice, water and koji only, with rice milled to no more than 60%, resulting in sake’s that are fresh and fragrant in style.