FLIGHT NIGHT: Komé Collective Sake - Expired Event

Date: May 26, 2022
Time: 4:30 - 8:00 pm
Member Price: $35.00
Non-Member Price: $39.00

If your last experience with sake was less than memorable then we believe you will find the sakes offered in this flight a revelation. There are hundreds of fine sake breweries in Japan, yet it is only in recent years that the quality and availability of the sake that made it into the US market has expanded beyond pleasant but generic. Like fine wine, there is much to learn, but it is only in tasting that you truly begin to understand – and more often than not – love sake.

Sake is a perfect fit in our expanding world of food and beverage. Sake pairs perfectly with many elements of a more plant centric diet – some of which, like bitter greens – challenge pairing well with wine. Sake is also free of gluten, sulfites and tannins and is lower than wine in tartaric acidity. Sake also comes in a wide variety of formats and sizes, including individual serving cans.

Sake is not about big bold flavors, rather it invites you to settle into centuries of tradition and savor as you experience exquisite subtlety, beauty and elegance. One could almost say meditation in a glass.

Monica Samuels, Sake Samurai, is the VP of Sake & Spirits for Vine Connections and leads the newly formed, Kome Collective division.  She has been around sake from a young age, spending summers as a child in Japan with her grandfather, a sake brewer. She’s worked in the sake business for over ten years, a passion ignited by her early experience in food and beverage.

The featured flight will include the following sakes:

  • Chiyonosono Sacred Power Junmai Ginjo - Made with the heirloom rice not used for 50-100 years which Chiyonosono revived. They among the very few breweries who have revived rice strains.
  • Fukucho Moon on the Water Junmai Ginjo - Brewed in Hiroshima, the birthplace of Ginjo sake by one of Japan's only female brewery owners and tojis. The remarkably soft water requires expert skill to use in sake production.
  • Takatenjin Soul of the Sensei Junmai Junmai Daiginjo - This sake commemorates the life of the previous Toji, who was a Brew Master Sensei and one of the “Four Guardians of Heaven” from the prestigious Noto Toji Guild.
  • Kojimaya Untitled - Sohonten utilizes their 24 generations of sake making to reintroduce an ancient way of production, sashikomi, to produce a sake, aged in cedar, that is at once modern and rooted in tradition.
  • Toko Ultraluxe - The ultimate indulgence; made with the highest quality rice milled down to 35%. What is bottled is only the drops of liquid that are released via gravity at the end of fermentation, with zero force or pressure.