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Ginraw Gastronomic Gin, Barcelona, Spain (750ml)   

A Chef, a Somm, a Mixologist and a Master Perfumer walked into a bar . . .

[We admit it, we couldn't resist the joke -- ;>)]
A Chef, a Somm, a Mixologist and a Master Perfumer worked together to create a beautiful gin with precise aromatic character, personality and texture. It is made using two different distillation methods. The first takes a wheat-base and juniper with distillation in a copper pot still. The second involves a Rotaval which uses low-temperature distillation. Two sets of ingredients are used in the latter method--Mediterranean botanicals which include lemon peel, citron peel, and laurel leaves; and exotic botanicals which include kaffir lime leaves, black cardamom, and coriander seeds. These two sets of botanicals macerate in the distillate before being individually distilled. This small batch Spanish Gin is complex, balanced, and delivers captivating notes of kaffir lime, bay leaf, and citrus.