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James E. Pepper Old Pepper Single Barrel Rye Whiskey, Kentucky (750ml)   

Producer notes ~ "Founded during the American Revolution and distilled over 3 family generations, the Pepper family brand of whiskey is one of the oldest & most iconic brands of whiskey made in Kentucky. The historic James E. Pepper Distillery in Lexington operated until 1958, when production ceased and both the distillery and brand were abandoned for over 50 years. After a campaign of extensive historical research, a project began to re-launch the brand and rebuild the distillery. The brand was relaunched in 2008 and in December of 2017 the iconic distillery, DSP-KY-5, began distilling whiskey once more using historic recipes and locally grown grain. Located in downtown Lexington, the Pepper Distillery is in the heart of the Distillery District, a revitalized neighborhood and vibrant entertainment district featuring restaurants, bars, breweries, distilleries and more. The limited-quantity Single Barrel Rye Whiskey contains some of their best barrels. Crafted from a mash bill of 95% rye and 5% malted barley, this straight rye is double oaked, meaning it goes for a second round of maturation in heavily toasted Kentucky oak barrels that have been air-dried for 2 years. It's a rich and complex 4-year-old rye that is bottled at 110 proof."