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Bruxo X Edicion Mezcal Artesanal (750ml)   

With appreciation to Mezcal Reviews: "Bruxo X is a post-distillation blend of 80% maguey Espadin mezcal and 20% maguey Barril mezcal. It is produced by mezcalero Juan Morales Garcia in San Dionisio Ocotepec, Oaxaca. This mezcal has a delicate nose of citrus and floral notes with peanuts and jicama.. On the palate there is citrus peels, fruit, chamomile, mineral notes, and light honey.

Bruxo was created by a group of friends who love and honor the country of Mexico. They discovered the magic of mezcal, but above all, its people. Brujo is synonymous with shaman, wise, illuminated; and the "X " in Bruxo then refers to the pronunciation of their origin lands, Oaxaca and México. Each bottle of Bruxo may vary slightly from lot to lot, so make sure to check your bottle for details."