Our Team

Carly’s love for artisanal cheese and wine has deep roots. Growing up in Sonoma County, she was surrounded by vines and rolling green hills. After a wine strategies degree from Sonoma State, she traveled Europe to taste the best cheese and wine they had to offer. Upon her return, she went to work for Master Sommelier, Ian Cauble, which helped her refine her palate and expand her knowledge of international wines. Knowing that cheese and wine are parallel industries, Carly took a brief time to work as a monger and instructor at the Cheese School of San Francisco. After gaining a deeper understanding about how hard cheese and wine making really is, and knowing she could never be as cool as them, she decided to be the bridge between the farmer and the consumer. Carly believes that there is nothing better than tasting, and appreciating, the hard work put into delicious cheese and wine. She resides in San Francisco with her husband and new puppy (who has eaten every pair of socks she has ever owned).


Stephanie Spencer has spent the last eleven years working in, what feels like, every restaurant in San Francisco. From fine dining hotspots to historical and classic bars, Steph started her wine journey around 2012 when her general manager at 1300 Fillmore offered to tutor her for her first wine intro class. Now A Certified Sommelier through the Court of Master Sommeliers, French and Italian Wine Scholar through the Wine Scholar Guild and a WSET Level 3 graduate, she’s looking forward to creating a new wine community in Mission Bay.


Iris Williamson is a San Francisco native with a love for food. After attending college in Portland, she moved to Alaska and worked on fishing docks. Upon her return she ran cheese counters all over the Bay Area at speciality cut to order shops, grocery stores, and restaurants. She loves to bring small production farms both domestically and internationally to customers to give people a unique tasting opportunity that they may not be able to experience otherwise. She enjoys surfing, entomology classes, and going to shows.


Jeremy began working in wine in 2007 while studying at university in New York. What started as a part time college job turned into a passion.  Jeremy had the opportunity opening a shop as a young wine buyer and manager for three years in midtown Manhattan.  It was an experience he would never forget. Upon meeting his now wife in New York on a chance meeting, Jeremy moved to the West Coast and started his career at Ferry Plaza Wine Merchant. After seven years with the company doing retail and bartending, the chance to open Mission Bay Wine & Cheese was too much to let go.


Joining the team all the way from New York City as the General Manager of our Mission Bay location is Chris Rivera. His passion for wine & spirits began during his years living in Europe as a professional classical trombonist. Eventually, he left classical music behind him and began working in restaurants. Starting as a bartender and eventually moving his way up to General Manager and eventually Director of Operations, Chris quickly realized the fast paced restaurant life is exactly where he wanted to be. In 2018, Chris decided to move out west in order to further his wine studies and enjoy the beautiful California coast with his wife and bulldog.

Born December 25th, 1956 in Brooklyn NY. The best Christmas present my mom ever got! After being paroled from college in 1974 I traveled around counting bubbles and bartending till I found my heart in SF – 1988. Then in 2005 I found FPWM and took over as Controller and Chief Bubble Counter.