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Loco Blanco Tequila, Jalisco, Mexico (750ml)   

Producer Notes ~ "Honoring our heritage while embracing modern innovation, we seek to inspire and ignite the human spirit with the exclusive ultra-premium Terroir Tequila from the El Arenal region of Jalisco, Mexico. Our terroir tequilas are made in small batches, utilizing traditional processes, and are harvested and produced in a historic hacienda in one of the most recognized and iconic tequila regions in the country. Loco Tequila is dedicated to keeping the 18th century-traditions and ancestral knowledge of tequila-making alive when they otherwise might be lost in time.


Loco’s home is the legendary Hacienda La Providencia, in the Valle del Arenal, Jalisco, and is situated at the gateway of the Agave Landscape of the Tequila Valley that was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2006. Jalisco’s tequila region was classified with Denomination of Origin in 1974 – a recognition only found within five regions of Mexico. La Providencia has been recognized as a part of the Ancient Industrial Installation of Tequila by UNESCO, honoring its centuries of tradition and ancestral knowledge in its production of tequila. This beautiful Hacienda whose construction began in the middle of the 18th century boasts a neo-Colonial style, and in the 1940’s was known as the main urban distillery of the region. With a lineage of more than 120 years, La Providencia’s agave plantations produce plants that result in an incomparable and rare tequila of significant heritage from the original birthplace of tequila production.


The role of La Providencia in tequila production is not only traditional, but innovation also runs in its DNA: it was one of the first places to use state-of-the-art technology in the production of tequila, and Avelino Ruiz Rosales made it the first exporter of tequila to Europe via the United States under the Providencia Rey brand in the 1920’s. Now, with Loco Tequila, it will become the first distillery to make a Terruno Tequila in the Valle del Arenal, and the Hacienda de La Providencia is once again utilizing the highest quality methodology of 18th century tequila-making combined with Loco’s innovative proprietary triple fermentation technology."