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Massenez Poire Williams Brandy, Alsace, France (375ml)   

From its founding in 1870, the Eau-de Vie's from Massenez have set a benchmark for the category. Poire Williams may be the most aromatic of the range, with pristine fresh pear on the nose, and then a bone dry palate. These are NOT liqueurs, and are NOT sweet. They are traditionally consumed at the end of a meal, chilled or over ice, but also work very well in mixed drinks.

Producer Notes ~ "The Massenez Eaux-de-Vie impose their signature by their quality and finesse in the mouth …Eaux-de-Vie at 40° or 46° depending on the range, but always with the same subtlety and aromatic intensity that reminds you of the fragility of the original fruit…From luxurious bottles to traditional flutes, Massenez has kept its authenticity, both in the bottle and in the method of distillation. A world reference in its sector…"