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Starward Single Barrel-Mission Bay Whisky, Australia (750ml)   

This is our own whisky selection from the Starward Single Barrel Release Program. Our French oak barrel was previously used to age Barossa Valley Shiraz.

Here is the background on the program: "At Starward we make a modern Australian whisky matured only in red wine barrels for a smooth, delicious flavor. With Melbourne’s wide temperature swings, our whisky draws out it’s signature deliciousness in just three short years. We call this elemental maturation, and it’s why we couldn’t make our whisky anywhere else. A huge amount of flavor and all the colour in Starward comes from our red wine barrels. We use shiraz, cabernet and pinot noir barrels that have spent 4 to 7 years at some of Australia’s best wineries. To keep the fresh red wine taste profile we are able to source these American oak and French oak barrels within 48 hours after being emptied from the nearby Yarra Valley and Barossa Valley. Then, they’re lightly charred or steamed. Often, the barrels are still wet with wine when we fill them, giving our whisky it’s bold, fruity flavor."