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Tensei 'Endless Summer' Tokubetsu Honjozo Sake, Kanagawa, Japan (720ml)   

This sake is a "session" style, does not weigh down the palate and can be consumed on its own as well as it matches with food, conveys the feeling of an "endless summer." Fuller in body than most "Tokubetsu Honjozo" due to the higher mineral content in the water. From the "surfer" region of Japan, this bright, refreshing sake has a distinctly oceanic salinity.


SAKE TERMINOLOGY (with thanks to Jon Gauntner's Sake Dictionary)

Honjozo - Premium Sake, but not quite at the level of the top grades. Requires milling to no more than 70% and permits the addition, albeit limited, of alcohol.

Tokubetsu - A class of sake requiring at rice polishing ratio of no more than 60%. As a general rule, the more the outer layers of the rice kernel are milled away, the more refined and elegant the style of sake.