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Wathen's Single Barrel Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey (750ml)   

Aged under the intense Kentucky sun, this single barrel bourbon is the product of 225 years of family experience. Aromas of grilled peaches, brown sugar and warm chocolate. The palate is barrel spice and creme brulee with a creamy texture. There is a bit of pepper spice, but is well balanced. Originally crafted in the 1940's, Medley Bros. was the collaboration and love of five bourbon-loving brothers.

Charles W. Medley and his son Samuel Wathen Medley continue this proud eight generation, 250 year tradition. Wathen's Kentucky Bourbon is a premium Kentucky Bourbon created by Charles W. Medley using the same recipe and techniques that have been handed directly and unchanged through eight generations of the Wathen and Medley families. The two families combined their unwavering commitment to quality with the conditions and ingredients of the region to produce Kentucky's finest straight bourbon whiskey.