FLIGHT NIGHT: Jolie-Laide Wines - Expired Event

Date: Thursday, June 29, 2023
Time: 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Member Price: $23.00
Non-Member Price: $27.00
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With Special Guest Scott Schultz. Please join us Thursday, June 29th anytime between 5-8 PM, when we welcome Scott Schultz to our wine bar. Scott is the owner and winemaker of Jolie-Laide and will present a flight of his current release wines. Scott enjoyed a successful restaurant career in Chicago until he was hired to be the Wine Director at Thomas Keller’s Bouchon in Napa Valley in 2007. However, his interest in wine began to lean towards the production side more so than service. As he explains, “everyone I met was a winemaker, so on my days off I followed people around to see what they were doing." Before he knew it, he had secured the cellar master job at Realm Winery and then joined Pax Mahle in the same capacity working on the ‘Pax’ and ‘Wind Gap’ labels.


Scott’s passion for winemaking grew so significantly that he decided to start his own project in 2010. He named it ‘Jolie-Laide’ which is a French term of endearment that literally translates to ‘Pretty-Ugly’ yet is meant to describe something that is unconventionally beautiful. Thus, Jolie-Laide is a way for Scott to communicate his mission, which is to make beautiful wines from the many forgotten varietals planted in California’s historic vineyards.


Scott’s approach is a natural one, picking his grapes by hand, crushing them by foot treading and aging the finished wines in neutral oak. His keen eye for finding great fruit from only sustainably and responsibly-farmed sites, coupled with his impressive winemaking talent, have catapulted Scott and his Jolie-Laide wines into the exclusive company of our state’s most sought after producers. We have followed Scott’s career over the years and continue to be big fans of all wines Jolie-Laide! We are thrilled to welcome him, and his new releases, on Thursday.


The Jolie-Laide flight will include:

2022 Jolie Laide Pinot Gris, California. Retail $36.75
2021 Jolie Laide Trousseau Gris, Fanucchi Wood Road, Russian River Valley, California. Retail $36.
2022 Jolie Laide Glou d'Etat Red Wine, California. Retail $27
2022 Jolie Laide Trousseau Noir/ Cab Pfeffer/ Gamay Blend, California. Retail $43.50
2020 Jolie Laide Syrah, North Coast, California. Retail $45.75